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About Us

CSNA - China Shipping North America - refers to two related companies: China Shipping (North America) Holding Co., Ltd. ("CSNA Holding") and China Shipping (North America) Agency Co., Inc. ("CSNA Agency")

CSNA Holding was founded in February 2000. It is wholly owned by China Shipping (Group) Company ("CSG" of Shanghai and fully represents the interests of China Shipping Container Lines Co., Ltd. ("CSCL", the core business of CSG, in North America.

CSNA Holding, while serving the interests and monitoring the assets of CSCL in North America, is responsible for service planning, key vendor contract control and oversight, auditing of account payables and account receivables, and business planning and development for CSG in a variety of areas related to international freight transportation. Among its key duties are pricing for North American freight, marine operations and intermodal, claims, equipment control, marketing, e-commerce development, and tariff maintenance.

CSNA Agency is a wholly owned company of CSNA Holding, maintains offices in 6 USA cities with 218 employees. It is responsible for providing day-to-day agency functions, including booking, marketing, sales, equipment management, documentation, account payables and account receivables.

The CSNA companies have rapidly expanded and today employ over 291 people in 7 locations throughout the United States. Visit the directory in this website for a complete listing of office locations for all CSG related companies throughout the United States.

The Line and the Parent Company

CSCL, the line or the principal, engages in container transportation and related services. It provides freight transportation services including storage, transshipment, customs arrival manifest filing, intermodal on-carriage and a host of other value-added services including container tracking.

As of December 2014, CSCL has a young and modern fleet that comprises over 156 full container vessels with a total operating capacity of 724,000 TEUs, and operates dozens of domestic coastal routes and international routes between China and Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Mediterranean Sea, USA, Europe and other destinations. The Company network covers the main ports of China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. More than any other carrier, CSCL calls 12 China base ports plus most river ports along the Yangtze River, the Pearl River and their branches, providing fast, safe, and economical transportation for all containerized freight. A total of more than 40 international routes round out the current service profile of the Line and this number is constantly increasing.

CSCL in China has its own international cargo agency, container yard and container lorries companies. Depending on up-to-date equipment, the latest technology and strict cost management, CSCL plans to share a bright and prosperous future with its affiliated companies, its customers and partners worldwide. Owing to its extremely aggressive growth strategy, using new builds and charters as well as rapid development and deployment of new resources for intermodal and information services, CSCL has rapidly become a force to be reckoned with in containerized freight transportation in all East and West trades around the globe. CSCL is looking forward to serving its customers on the high seas and beyond.

CSG, the parent company of CSCL and CSNA, was founded on July 1, 1997 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China. It is one of the key state-owned enterprises under the direct administration of the Central Government and is a super-large shipping conglomerate that operates globally in various shipping and logistics sectors. Under its umbrella, there are five specialized shipping fleets of container vessels, oil tankers, tramps, passenger ships, car carriers and special cargo ships, comprising more than 500 vessels with an aggregate deadweight of 28 million tons. Today, CSG has diversified into businesses of LNG,  integrated logistics, shipping agency, air cargo forwarding, ship building & repair, container manufacturing, terminal management, finance & investment, engineering and labor service, supply and trading, and information technology.

Other Major Affiliates

Universal Shipping (Asia) Co., Ltd., a Hong Kong-registered subsidiary of CSG, is a professional container feeder company engaged in container transportation in the Pearl River Delta area as well as the sole carrier of the inbound and outbound containerized cargo of CSCL in the region. It has established a network of water transportation covering over sixty points around the Delta and major ports in the rest of Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan provinces, thus able to deliver on time the transshipment containers via Hong Kong to and from the mentioned ports and points to customer's satisfaction.

Shanghai Puhai Shipping Company
specializes in the Yangtze River and coastal area container feeder service. This subsidiary of CSG also undertakes other related businesses including container depot management, warehousing, cargo canvassing and booking, container making, repairing, buying and leasing, barge leasing and materials supplying.

China Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. in China performs shipping and cargo forwarding agency services at its more than 40 subsidiaries in all major Chinese seaports and river ports. It serves as both an international and domestic shipping agency, arranging for joint inspection for vessels entering and leaving port, piloting, mooring, loading and discharging of cargo, etc. It also undertakes passenger and cargo forwarding, cargo canvassing, space booking, customs clearance, warehousing, transshipment, multi-modal transportation as well as B/L issuance, shipment contract development, freight collection, ship husbandry, seamen recruitment and passenger services. China Shipping Agency, while serving all major Chinese seaports and river ports, provides container service from Shanghai, Huangpu, Yingkou, Tianjin and Hong Kong to Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, etc.

Phenomenal Growth

On Dock Rail: On May 1, 2001, China Shipping North America and its vendor partners at Marine Terminal Corporation and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway inaugurated on-dock rail service for twice weekly trains from Los Angeles to Chicago, IL and beyond (including dedicated steel wheels interchange to the Ohio Valley, New York, Boston and Baltimore).

Resulting efficiencies and transit time savings will make CSCL transits on remote intermodal delivery among the most competitive in the market today. This will also remove some of the weight restrictions for on-carriage to some inland ramps, again to meet customers?needs.

China Shipping North America already boasts a complete daily intermodal rail and truck network in North America, with the ability to handle most freight quickly and safely throughout both the USA and Canada. CSNA Holding is a direct contract signatory with all major US railroads with the ability to add and amend routes with maximum flexibility.
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